Amplitec C20L Tri-Band Legal Signal Boosters 60dB gain

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Operates on B8, B3 & B1 Tri-band

Covers Approx: 18m radius or 1000 m²

Large Home, Office, Basements etc.

Fully Digital Setup/Easy Installation

Covers All Networks: V/C, MTN, C/C

Technologies: 2G, 3G & 4G

NCRS and ICASA Type Approved


With many people working from home on a full time basis and kids requiring internet for school and recreation, stable internet is a necessity. Network operators understand this and are in the process of expanding their capacity not only with cellular base stations but also by obtaining more spectrum from ICASA. This will enable LTE to be used to its full potential in South Africa. 5G is fast emerging and will as the network operators establish their network coverage produce staggering data speeds and will unleash new and exciting products. This however will also bring new challenges wrt signal penetration and new design antennas which SD Experts is already geared for.

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Kit includes:

  • 1 x Amplitec C20L-TRI-BAND Signal Boosters
  • 1 x LPDA outdoor antenna
  • 1 x Ceiling indoor antenna
  • 2 x sets of cables – 10meter for outdoor & 5 meter for indoor
  • 1 x Voltage surge protector
  • 1 x User Manual

How it works:



Amplitec C20L Tri-Band Legal Signal Boosters 60dB gain

The C20 is a 20dBm signal boosters with 60dB gain that will easily give coverage to medium size home or large open plan office.
Expected coverage under ideal conditions can reach 2500-6000m². Has super features like ASO Automatic shut-off if any oscillation starts.
Sleep mode power saving mode. Dormant Uplink until making a call which puts less noise on the network.

AGC the automatic adjusting of 20dB gain to ensure that unstable signal does not drop calls. MGA Manual gain attenuation function where base stations are upgraded.
A LCD display where all adjustments and readings are easily accessed.

Causes no interference to the BTS base station. 12Vdc adaptability.

This Signal Boosters is perfect for a large home of large open office space

Additional information

C23S Models

C23S-GSM 900, C23-GD 900/1800, C23S-GW 900/2100, W20L-TRI-BAND 900/1800/2100


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