Do you have to manually activate your pivot irrigation due to Poor Cell Phone Signal?

System Design Experts

Below is voice notes from our happy client.

We come to you, do a signal testing with testing equipment and fix the problem at the management panel from where your system is operated.

You will receive a before RSSI (received signal strength indication) and a Mbps  data speed test measurement on all available networks.

When Poor cell phone signal or Base Stations in your region are down for whatever reason, it not only affects you but your neighbouring community as well.

The Pump Station at the site

The outdoor high gain antenna erected and aimed at a network base station.

On the left : the cellular repeater installed at a solar powered power point.

On the right: the indoor antenna which gives coverage to the management control board.


This installation was done by an SD Experts installation expert. David can be contacted directly at 076 8114644 or you can contact SDExperts in Gauteng

South Africa for installations at 011 6635515 or 5571, for national or in sub-Saharan Africa installations.

All our Amplitec repeaters have a 12-month factory warranty, are repaired in RSA and have lighting/voltage surge protection that carries an insurance against loadshedding and voltage surges via the power supply. T&C apply.