Farm and Lodge Signal Booster

Farm and Lodge Signal Booster C27C models

There are three models available in the Amplitec C27C farm and lodge signal booster range. They are marketed as Farm and Lodge as they are powerful repeaters used to give coverage to large areas and transceive over long distances. An installation with additional indoor antennas can cover a parking basement, a packaging warehouse, a conference center. Many C27C have made communication possible where a farmstead lays behind a hill or a koppie. Very easy to use with solar power as all these repeaters use a 12Vdc supply.

Availability:  Our Intention is to always carry stock.

  • Recommended for farms and lodges installed by an installer for best results.
  • Models cover 2G, 3G & 4GLTE in B8 or B8 B3 or B8 B1.
  • Wide band coverage on Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and Telkom B5.
  • Supplied as a repeater unit complete with brackets and voltage surge protection.
  • Antennas and cables are be supplied as pre-manufactured low-loss cable assemblies to screw and fit.
  • High gain directional antennas, cabling, and solar power are available.
  • The set-up feature ensures a very easy installation.
  • User manuals, technical advice, and country-wide installers are available.

Powerful Farm and Lodge Signal Booster intelligence that works for you!

The Amplitec C27C signal booster is the most well know and trusted repeater in Sothern Africa. It features a self-optimizing design that makes it easy to install, to maintain and will give you super performance. Thousand installed on farms in SA and neighboring countries as far as Kenia and Nigeria.

  • It will boost 2G, 4G LTE, and 3G for multiple users.
  • Expansion antenna kits available for all models should you require to expand.
  • The Amplitec C27C boosters have an output power of 27dBm, intelligent repeater with 75dB gain which is regulated automatically.
  • The C27C has super features like (ASO) Automatic shut-off & sleep mode power saving that is standard.
  • MGA a manual gain attenuation function compensates where base stations are upgraded in the future in your area.
  • LEDs indicate the operating state.
  • It causes no interference to the network BTS base stations.
  • All models are ICASA type approved.
  • All models are SANS IEC 60 950 standards approved by NRCS. (SABS)

Using a tri-band repeater that amplifies all frequencies costs a lot more. Choosing the correct model and amplifying what is necessary will save you thousands of Rands and endless headaches.

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Farm and Lodge Signal Booster

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With 27dBm output power and 75dB of gain,  a directional high gain antenna you will be able to connect to base stations 35 km away. Using solar power and our knowledge you will give coverage to your homestead or lodge. You could have reception in your office even if you are behind a koppie or in a valley. You will be able to have reception throughout your home or office for all your wireless cellular devices ( smartphones, tablets, notebooks, wireless routers, etc.) 

Using only certified SANS appliances in your home ensures your family and staff’s safety and keeps your insurer happy. Something to think about before just buying online.

As with all SA appliances, Amplitec is comprehensively backed by a  12month manufacturer warranty. Every signal booster is tested on our spectrum analyzer before it leaves our warehouse – ensuring zero out-of-the-box failures. Repairs are done with original spares in Johannesburg South Africa.

A Voltage surge protection unit is supplied as a standard that will provide total voltage surge protection and cover should your repeater be damaged by lightning or load shedding.

Put the smile back onto your dial. Fill your office or home with the signal.

Farm and Lodge Signal Booster
Farm and Lodge Signal Booster
Farm and Lodge Signal Booster
Farm and Lodge Signal Booster

Who is this for?

For South African farmers and lodge owners who require a robust, proven, cost-effective signal solution that can handle the African sun and humidity.  Supplied by a South African registered company that is the sole distributor of the World’s biggest selling repeater. Amplitec is used by Vodacom and SDE has more repeaters ICASA type-approved than any other supplier – why, because we do it right.

We will be connecting you providing coverage on 2G, 3G, or 4G LTE depending on what signal is transmitted from your base station and which repeater model has been installed.

Join the >8000 satisfied  South African users and have an Amplitec repeater installed that is trusted worldwide and has set the benchmark in South African homes.

Below are three sights – one a game lodge in Namibia, looking down from the installation antenna to the lodge. The second is a solar installation financed by a syndicate of farmers covering three farms in SA. The third is the Rhino Sanctuary in Botswana installed in 2008.

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