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Lodge in Difficult Terrain

Lodge Situated and Hidden Within Difficult Terrain

Numerous installations of this kind have been done but not many photos are available. This is a typical lodge behind a koppie and is enclosed by heavy koppies, rocks, and bushes. At the site visit, absolutely no signal was measured outside around the office, the chalets, or the homestead.

The only weak reception was on the top of the koppie. This is where the installation of the donor antennas had to be done.

Due to a pump station, electricity was available. Imagine the security risk and the frustration of guests not being able to call the kids or share photos or news.

The only options were to climb the koppie or drive all the way to town to make a call, view the bank statement or make a payment. No option for router or LTE here.

As the photos depict, the terrain was challenging and it wasn’t easy finding a route to get to the top of the koppie, and equipment and hardware were carried up by hand. A mast was planted among the rocks. It was painted in drab camo coloring afterward to blend in.

An antenna was mounted on the mast and it was pointed at the base station which was many kilometers away. A 40 meter ½” low loss cable was run in shallow trenching to the downlink antenna pointing towards the thatched office, homestead, and chalets.

The cable was covered with rocks for added protection. The coverage area is about 20 meters below. The full signal within and around all the buildings was achieved.  An excellent job by our installers.

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