Case Studies
Farm Mast

Farm Mast BTS Installation

Many farmers in South Africa will tell you there is cellular coverage at the main road and one or two kilometres once  turning into the farm proper. Thereafter the signal is weak or non existing. 

Assistance from networks is not very forthcoming as it is expensive to provide a network especially if it is not going to provide the same revenue as supplying a network to a small settlement.

A visit to NAMPO causes the non-farmer to suddenly realize to what extent technology is used in farming implements. They make use of GPS and telemetry to do exact soil analyses and planning from preparation before sowing to harvesting and getting products to the market.

The farmer is a well-educated person requiring access to the internet for marketing and ordering, banking, and communication. His future, his survival, and his success can not be hampered or determined by whether a network operator can or will assist him, he implements at his own cost his own initiative to address the problem.

We at SD Experts assist the farmer with know-how and qualified artisans and equipment that will legally provide a connection to the cellular network and the internet.

This enable not only him (as would a satellite or radio device) but his family, his employees to have access to a better life and use of technology available on the internet as well and personal freedom to communication with family.

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