Power Supply, Voltage Protection and UPS

This is an area which has become very prominent wrt to being able to give proper after-sales service, providing voltage surge protection against lightning and load shedding, as well as providing a cell phone service which does not die when the lights go out. An adequate UPS can provide power adequate to drive a booster a router and a Laptop for 4 hours. With our voltage surge from Africa Surge, we can provide a warranty on voltage surge or spike damage to our customers at no extra charge.

Products include are:

  • A converter is capable of input of 2V-18Vdc will ensure an output of 12 Vdc.  This is ideal for running a cell phone booster from batteries, solar, or on batteries that a constantly being charged and depleted.
  • A 2400VA UPS capable of running a 17dBm to a 23dBm repeater for 4~6 hrs.
  • A Voltage Surge protector with a warranty to protect your appliance against voltage surges from lightning and load shedding.
  • An inline coaxial cable lightning protector to protect your valuable communication equipment.
  • Oscillation screening grid for installers needing to screen interference signal.

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