Manual on, how to install a Cellular Repeater/Signal Booster/Cell Extender

Before You Begin: Before starting the installation, make sure you have the following ready:

You have read “Understanding Signal Boosters and how they work” and have made an informed decision before purchasing the correct booster.

Step 1: Check that you have everything you need.

Your Signal booster kit for installation should include:

  • 1 x amplifier, (signal booster)
  • 1 x mounting brackets for booster1 x power adaptor
  • 1 x voltage surge protector
  • 1 x indoor antenna 3~5dBi
  • 1 x min of 5met indoor low loss coaxial cable with correctly fitted connectors
  • 1 x outdoor antenna 11dBi directional
  • 1 x min of 10met outdoor low loss coaxial cable with correctly fitted connectors
  • 1 x Outdoor wall mount bracket for the mast with it’s V-bolts and rawl bolts
  • 1 x 3~6met aluminium mast pole  (min dia 38.1mm  x  1.6mm) 
  • 1 x User manual provided with the signal booster
How to install a signal booster

Notice:       Keep your invoice, your box and in-box packaging neat & safe should you need to return the goods.

Tools:         Drill, drill bit for rawl bolts, extention cable, amalgamating tape, cable ties, cable glue, 13mm socket, earthing wire, screw driver set, side cutters, trunking.

The necessary tools, electrical extensions, multimeter, ladder and safety gear. A drill bit capable of drilling through a 240mm of brick and mortar. Drill bit diameter is 20mm for the N Type connect to fit through the hole and 12mm if you have the crimping tools to fit the 10mm cable through the hole and then terminate the N Type connector yourself. A glue gun, or tube cable glue, or cable tray to fix the cables to the walls. Cable ties and self amalgamizing tape to seal your outdoor connector joints from rain. Battery tools should be charged and wear safety gear at all times.

Mounting the Outdoor Antenna

Step 2: Identify Ideal Locations 

Determine the best signal reception in the air above you. You antenna needs to be at a height to access good and interference free signal – that’s what you want to enhance. This is where your outdoor antenna should be installed facing towards the base station and pointing away from your house, never sited over the house. Your indoor antenna, based on the length of the cable, should be placed at the entrance of a passage close to the lounge and dining room. This will allow signal to the bedrooms as well. If an office at home has the highest priority, a second indoor antenna would be advised to service that area. The first indoor antenna was installed as advised and the second antenna was mounted in the ceiling of the office.

How to install a signal booster (2)
how to install a signal booster
how to install a signal booster

Fig. 1: Outdoor Antenna  installation

  1. Use the wall mount bracket, fixed it to the wall as high from the ground as possible with rawl bolts. Use a level to ensure the mast will be vertically upright & straight.
  2. Mount the outdoor antenna and it’s cable to the top of the mast pole before erecting the pole and adhering it vertically to the wall mount bracket. Do not forget the self amalgamating tape to water insulate your connecter connection.
  3. Ensure the outdoor antenna is pointed at the base station. Achieve this by not completely tightening the V-bolts. This enables you to fine tune the antenna without taking it down.
  4. Route the outdoor antenna cable through a drilled hole in the wall into the home.
  5. The low loss cable has a restricted bending radius. Do NOT BEND LWC-195 more than 12.7cm or LWC-400 more than 25.4cm to achieve a 90° bend. The cable braid of the coaxial cable will tear allowing RF to escape – all signal will be lost.
How to install a signal booster

Fig. 2: Connecting the cables & components

  • (E) is the earthing lug. Use 6mm copper wire between the this connection and your plug socket. Earth to a screw on the plug socket.
  • (A) is the BTS or outdoor antenna cable connection.
  • (C) is the power adapter input socket. Your Surge Protector will be plugged into your wall socket and your power adapter will plug into your booster into the 12Vdc input. The Amplitec was designed with 12Volt DC in mind so as to easily adapt to solar power in rural Africa.
  • (D) in the booster “ON” “OFF” switch. Do not switch on until all is connected and you are ready to test.
  • (B) is the MS or indoor antenna cable connection.

Do all the cable connecting so as to maximise your coverage at the indoor antenna.


Step 3: Mounting the Amplifier/Signal Booster

  1. The booster will of course need power. Mount it to a wall using supplied brackets close to a power outlet or you will require a power extension.
  2. The booster is an indoor appliance and is not water resistant and should not be installed where children can lay hands on it or where moisture can have a detrimental effect.
  3. The outdoor cable coming from the outdoor antenna is then connected to the BS/Base Station connector on the booster.
  4. The Signal Booster can be plug into the socket using the supplied Voltage Surge Protector. The protectors has a manual wrt it’s LEDs witch will indicate whether wiring and earthing in the socket are correct. DO NOT SWITCH THE BOOSTER ON YET.


how to install a signal booster
how to install a signal booster

Step 4: Installing the Indoor Antenna/e

  1. The indoor cable can be connected to the signal booster’s M/S side and the indoor antenna mounted after determining where the best coverage will be presented.
  2. A few types of antennae are commonly used, a ceiling type (which means the cable will run hidden above the ceiling and an omni which is fixed to the wall. Panel antennae and even magnet base antennas are frequently used.
  3. The wall mounted omni is much more effective when placed in a passage at head-height or in an aria where it can “see” through the wooden doors as demonstrated in Fig 3.
  4. Securely mount the indoor antenna to the wall at a height that ensures signal penetration avoiding bricks and mortar.
  5. Be careful that the indoor antenna cannot “see” through a window, especially if there is a wall or metal structure that will refract the incoming signal back to the outdoor antenna.
  6. Connect the indoor antenna to the signal booster using the coaxial cable. This antenna is usually an omni directional and it will transmit in all directions equally.
  7. Before neatening up cables (with cable trays or cable glue). Now let’s test the signal booster.
how to install a signal booster
how to install a signal booster
how to install a signal booster
how to install a signal booster

Fig. 3: Indoor Antenna placement and mounting

Step 4: Monitoring and Adjusting

  1. Switch on the power-switch on the signal booster. Your power socket and Voltage surge are already switched on.
  2. Our signal boosters have LED indicators to show Signal Strength (RSSI), Output Power (dBm)  and the Gain on each frequency band being amplified. Band 8, band 3 & band 1.
  3. Signal strength is indicated as very poor at <-85 dBm and good at >-65 dBm (Eg: -17dBm)
  4. Make a call and do a data speed test.
  5. Adjust the outdoor antenna’s height and direction if needed for better results.
how to install a signal booster

The booster will have a User Manual inclosed that will guide you in detail through all the screens and what they mean, and where if required, you can change a setting.

If by chance you did not receive a User manaul, ask our who will immediately mail you one.

Step 5: Neaten up the Installation

  1. A glue gun or cable glue is very handy for sticking cables neatly into corners or close to the ceiling cornice to neaten up the installation.
  2. Very neat white plastic cable trays are available to enclose all cables. Keep in mind the cable bending radius.
  3. If you are hampered by load shedding, contact us for the correct UPS to run your booster.
  4. Or you may consider a UPS that will also service your router and PC in your office.
how to install a signal booster
how to install a signal booster
how to install a signal booster

Fig. 5: Finalizing Installation

If at any time you are experiencing problems, do not hesitate to call – we are here to assist you.

Enjoy Your Enhanced Connectivity! Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed your cellular repeater and boosted your signal strength. Say goodbye to dropped calls and lagging data speeds. Enjoy uninterrupted conversations and smooth browsing with a added UPS!

For any problems, we have rendered an after-sales service for the past 16 years and we are there for you.

We have installers operating throughout RSA should you want to be sure that you have the optimal coverage and data speed without hassles. He will be as close as possible to you and at your call.

You’re now equipped with the knowledge how to stay connected effortlessly and have all the nessasary support.

Remember, a much improved, less noisy signal awaits you – just a few installation steps away!