Case Studies
Hidden Farm House

Farm House Hidden Behind Koppie

Numerous installations of this kind have been done but not many photos are available. This is typical of a house behind a koppie and enclosed by heavy bushes. At the site visit, absolutely no signal was measured outside around the homestead. The only reception was on the koppie and the farmer and family had to climb the koppie to make a call or receive a simple SMS. 

Imagine the security risk and the frustration of not being able to call the kids who should have been home. Or driving all the way to town to view your bank statement or make a payment.

As the photos depict, the terrain was challenging and it wasn’t easy finding a route to drive up instead of carrying all the equipment. A  wooden pole was used to blend in and after the installation, the enclosure was painted in drab camo coloring.

An antenna was mounted on the wooden mast and it was pointed at the base station which was many kilometers away although the signal on the koppie was reasonable. The repeater and solar were installed at the bottom of the mast and razor wire was used to shield the installation and prevent baboons from climbing the mast.

A 40-meter low loss cable was run in shallow trenching to the downlink antenna pointing toward the homestead. The cable was covered with rocks for added protection. The homestead is about 150~200meter below.

Full signal around the home and yard was achieved making a client’s life a lot easy. An excellent job by our installers.

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