Small Home & Office SoHo

There are four models available in this ConnectMobile range. Though they are marketed as SoHo, a good CM-T2 installation with the possible addition of more indoor antennas can cover much more than a small home.

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  • Recommended for small to large homes and open-plan offices (SoHo).
  • Models cover 2G, 3G & 4G LTE.
  • Wide band coverage on Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and Telkom B5.
  • Supplied as a complete kit which consists of 15-meter cable, antennas & 220Vac power supply adaptor.
  • The auto set-up feature ensures a very easy installation.
  • The advanced intelligence of this repeater is remarkable, considering it is one of the most cost-effective solutions in SA.
  • Free shipping available to any major centre with a known courier depot.      

Booster intelligence that works for you!

The ConnectMobile signal booster is the most cost-effective, most intelligent signal booster sold on the continent. It features a self-optimizing design that makes it easy to install, to maintain and will give you super performance.

  • It will boost 2G, 4G LTE and 3G for multiple users.
  • Expansion antenna kits available for all models should you require to expand.
  • The ConnectMobile boosters are a 17~20dBm, intelligent repeater with 65~70dB gain which is regulated automatically.
  • The AGC automatic adjusts 30dB of this gain and ensures that any unstable signal does not cause you to drop your call.
  • They all have super features like (ASO) Automatic shut-off & sleep mode power saving that is standard.
  • MGA a manual gain attenuation function compensates where base stations are upgraded in the future in your area.
  • An LCD screen indicates the fully automatic set-up readings.
  • It causes no interference to the network BTS base stations.
  • All models are ICASA type approved.
  • All models are also SANS IEC 60 950 standards approved by NRCS. (SABS)

Using a tri-band repeater that amplifies all frequencies costs a lot more. Choosing the correct model will save you thousands.

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With 17~20dBm output power and 65~70dB gain, you have all the power to greatly enhance reception throughout your home for all your wireless cellular devices ( smartphones, tablets, notebooks, wireless routers, etc.) on any network in South Africa. 

Using only certified SANS appliances in your home ensures your family’s safety and keeps your insurer happy. Something to make you think twice before ordering over the internet and no warranty or safety certification is available.

As with all SA appliances, ConnectMobile is comprehensively backed by a 12-month manufacturer warranty. Every signal booster is tested on our spectrum analyser before it leaves our warehouse – resulting in zero out-of-the-box failures. Repairs are done with original spares in Johannesburg South Africa.

A Voltage surge protection unit can be purchased that will additionally provide cover for your repeater against damaged by lightning or load shedding.

Put the smile back onto your dial. Fill your home with signal:

Who is this for?

For South Africans in townhouses, apartments, open-plan offices, site offices who require a cost-effective signal solution that is easy to install and can be removed and taken with you should you move or leave it as a value addition when you sell or move.

For all small homes or open-plan offices, ConnectMobile does just that. Your mobile will be connected with excellent coverage on 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE depending on what signal is transmitted and which model is installed.

Join the 8000 satisfied South African users and purchase the ConnectMobile brand that is trusted worldwide and has set the benchmark in South African homes. Supplied by SDE, a genuine South African company that understands your needs. What’s more, we speak your language.